1. 5 days left, 6 new photos, lots of music! http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/stars

  2. MORE BASS!!


  3. Made a mixtape just for you guys.  It’s the first of many!  Favorite song on it? - Torq

  4. Getting ready for our tour in Asia and our PledgeMusic campaign is going for only a couple more days. Unseen photos like this one from Europe for all Pledgers! http://pledgemusic.com/projects/stars


  5. 2013 North American Spring Tour

    Our 2013 North American spring tour is now on sale! Shall we dance? http://www.youarestars.com/shows/


  6. New remix!!

    The lovely Eight and a Half remixed “Backlines” and it’s available for free download!!

  7. North American spring 2013 tour announced today and pre-sale begins Friday!  More details at http://www.youarestars.com/shows/

  8. This was part of our rider one night……No one could eat him…